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Post by Abe Franklin on Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:28 pm


Many a rumor has circulated among the Kindred of Buffalo regarding the Feral Gangrel that wander the Western Door. It is widely accepted that there are several, though few are exactly sure of their numbers or disposition.

The wisest and eldest Kindred of the Domain are aware that many of these are more than mere rumors, however. Those who have been present in the region for longer than fifty years have heard of, if not met, the Progenitor of many of the Gangrel in the Region. He goes by the name Abe Franklin, and he's a bit of an Enigma. He is an Elder of the Camarilla, Acknowledged under the Praxis of Buffalo's first Prince Herman Leroy, though details of how that came to be and when he arrived have been lost to the sands of time. He is known to control some of Clan Gangrel's territory in Buffalo, but is also known to not live there. By all accounts he spends a great deal of time off in the wilderness somewhere, and seems to hate his VERY rare visits to the City.

It is known to some that his presence in the area predates almost all the Kindred here, save perhaps "Black Joe" himself. He is rumored to have ties to the Seneca Tribe going back to before the settlement of the region, though this is unsubstantiated and he is definitely not Native American. Abe is known to be a prolific Sire and though no one is really sure how many, it is clear that many of the Gangrel in the region are his direct descendants.

Franklin only seems to show up in the City when he has business with the Court. His appearances generally herald times of unrest or confusion in the Domain, though whether this is a result of his presence or his presence is a result of the unrest is unclear. He tends to turn up when things are unstable, and though he rarely takes a direct hand in politics he generally seems very interested in restoring order and keeping things moving smoothly. His most active time in the City was during the reign of Elena Harrington, when he and his clanmates stepped up to assist "Black Joe" in removing her from power.


- Passing through rural territory outside of the City proper might have resulted in a visit from the Feral Gangrel. This could have resulted in aid or conflict, depending on the goal.

- Involvement in Kindred Historical events might have resulted in interaction with Abe.

- Gangrel will likely all know him.

- At various times, Abe shows up just long enough to seek information about the events in the Camarilla court. He doesn't really have his ear to the ground in Kindred circles, so he often pays for information - both in prestation and fleeting status.

- Abe has been known to train Animals as retainers for members of the Camarilla on request. He generally charges very little for this service.

- Abe has a known hatred of the Sabbat, and takes great pleasure in killing them. Especially Gangrel members of the Sabbat.

- Some might know that Abe is a member of a prestigious Lineage of Gangrel within the Camarilla, so people with an interest in the national stage may have heard of his Family.

- Abe's childer are all over the place. He provides little to no oversight to them, save preventing them from joining the Sabbat. All kinds of interactions could be possible with one or more of them.


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