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Post by David Hywell on Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:56 pm

David Hywell, Ventrue neonate, has been an established person in the city since 1981. Easily approachable, David is known for being able to manipulate the mortal world to suit his whims. Nobody outside of Kindred circles seems to even know that he exists. David is known to be able to solve problems and obtain just about anything...for the right price.

David is an established patron of the arts, and has taken credit for influencing funding for the Birchfield Penny, some of the Albright Knox ' s better aquisitions, regular funding of the BPO, a student art gallery at Buff State, and various other works of high culture.

David once made a Hunter disappear. No record of his existence could be found. His friends and family never knew of him. It was as if he never existed.

During the Anarch conflict, David never took public credit for bulldozing a number of Anarch havens. He was seen in court looking rather self-satisfied, however.

Contact me if:
•You have ever broken the Masquerade, accidentally or through incompetence, and needed it covered up.
•You asked David to get you something (any item card or background is realistically in his reach).
•You asked him to "get rid of" a problem (assassination of most NPCS is within his capabilities).
•You are involved or patronize the arts in Buffalo.

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